Does Your Child Have Bad Breath?

March 29, 2024

Ah, the sweet aroma of a baby’s breathe…. That scent eventually disappears, especially as infants turn into youngsters with a full set of primary teeth. If your child has chronic halitosis, it’s time to figure out why there’s a disagreeable smell coming out of your little one’s mouth. 

Children should see a pedodontist (pediatric dentist) after their first tooth breaks through and no later than right after their first birthday. We at the office of Blue Coral Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics know that preventive dental treatment will help our patients enjoy the benefits of a healthy and beautiful smile. 

Even if your son (or daughter) seems to be a dedicated flosser and brusher, he can still have chronic bad breath. Check out your son’s brushing and flossing techniques. Maybe he’s not doing one or both correctly. Perhaps he isn’t spending enough time on one or both. Is he also brushing his tongue afterward? Food debris that’s not cleared away can produce foul odors and plaque. Take your child to his dentist at least twice a year for professional cleanings and oral health checkups.

If your son gets a thumbs-up from his pedodontist yet continues to have rank breath, an infection may be the culprit. Sinus infections cause bacteria-filled fluid to assemble in the nasal passages and throat, making it the ideal place for bacteria to congregate and halitosis to erupt. If your son might have a sinus infection, take him to his doctor for further examination and a treatment plan. 

What do your child’s tonsils look like? Healthy ones are pink and free of spots. Infected ones are inflamed, red and have white spots. As with sinus infections, bacteria-filled fluid can gather in the folds, gaps and crevices of irritated tonsils and cause icky breath. Take him to his doctor for an evaluation. Tonsil stones—lumps of trapped hardened materials such as calcium, bacteria or fungi get trapped in the tonsillar crypts—also cause extremely bad breath,

Finger-sucking, pacifier use, snoring at night, certain medications and general dehydration can cause dry mouth. Saliva has a major role in washing away odor-causing bacteria. Make sure your child drinks a lot of water every day.

Looking for a dental home for one or more of your children? Blue Coral Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics’s comprehensive program of care is designed to protect your child’s teeth and reduce the risk of dental disease. Please call us today to make an appointment. 

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