Children With Special Needs Require Extra Dental Care

April 29, 2024

Parents of children with special needs are posed with many challenges. Their children’s medical needs must often take a front seat to their kids’ dental care. Unfortunately, youngsters with special needs or disabilities are more susceptible to dental problems.

The team at the office of Blue Coral Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics has the training and experience to treat the unique oral health challenges that their young people with infirmities face. We provide full-service, comprehensive dental care to all patients, and we’re experts at keeping all of our patients at ease. 

Oral Conditions

Children with chronic health conditions or impairments—physical, developmental, behavioral or emotional—usually have restrictions regarding their daily activities. Some genetic disorders—Down syndrome, for example—can instigate delays in tooth eruption, malformed teeth, extra teeth or missing teeth. These anomalies tend to cause gum disease and caries (tooth decay) because crowded and poorly aligned teeth are tough to keep clean. 

Children with acute intellectual disabilities or cerebral palsy are prone to bruxism (excessive grinding of the teeth or clenching of the jaw), which flattens the surfaces and eventually erodes the enamel. 

Compromised immune systems and connective tissue maladies can also spur gum disease and caries. Numerous medications your son or daughter may be taking might include sugar or bring on dry mouth, both of which heavily contribute to tooth decay. Ask your child’s doctor and pedodontist about the possible side effects of your child’s meds. 

Home Care

Within the first weeks of bringing your child home from the hospital, get him (or her) used to having his oral care being tended to. Wipe his gums with a wet gauze pad or a damp washcloth. This will acclimate him to someone’s hand being in his mouth. When his first tooth breaks through, brush it twice daily. Ask his physician and pedodontist when to begin using toothpaste and how much to apply to the bristles. 

Children with special needs are good candidates to receive excellent dental care. Work with his pediatric dentist to employ a feasible plan that will help him avoid many potential dental problems.

Everyone at the office of Blue Coral Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics is dedicated to giving kids the advanced, outstanding care they deserve while making their experiences exciting and fun! Please call us today to make an appointment. 

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