Be Aware of Dental Fluorosis.

May 29, 2024

If your child’s teeth are a bit discolored, he (or she) may have dental fluorosis (pronounced “floo-roh-sis”). This common condition is caused by the hypocalcification of his enamel. Hypocalcification means that teeth have spots of softer enamel and discoloration due to less-than-normal amounts of calcium on the enamel and gums. 

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How FluorosisPresents

The discoloration from fluorosis looks like white lace on the enamel. Serious forms of this condition produce bigger areas of discoloration, and some serious forms of fluorosis produce rough pits or pock-like marks on the enamel. 

Most cases of fluorosis are mild and don’t cause pain or influence how the affected teeth function. In atypical acute cases, though, the enamel becomes pitted and develops brown spots. If you think your child’s fluorosis is severe, see a pediatric dentist immediately.

Its Cause

Fluorosis is sparked by the constant over-ingestion of fluoride when the enamel of permanent teeth is developing before they’ve erupted. Babies are susceptible when they’re given infant formula that was mixed with fluoridated tap water, or they have consumed fluoride toothpaste. It happens around ages 1 and 2, when many primary teeth start to erupt, or before a child is 8, when many secondary teeth come in. 

How To Prevent It

Breastfeeding is a good choice for children under age 2, and brushing is effective with an appropriately sized, soft-bristle toothbrush and water without fluoride. A pea-sized amount of toothpaste that includes fluoride is optimal for kids ages 3 and older. Parents and caregivers should monitor their kids’ brushing to ensure that they rinse and spit out the toothpaste after they are done. 

Most instances of fluorosis are only visual and don’t need treatment. If the white spots trouble you or your child, teeth whitening treatments can dissipate them. Consult with his pedodontist for the best option. 

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