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Laser Lip & Tongue Tie Release

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What is Tongue & Lip Tie Release?

Laser lip & tongue tie release are two procedures that are administered, by Dr. George Lin at a Blue Coral Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics office.

Laser Tongue Tie Release

Ankyloglossia, also known as tongue tie, is a disorder where the frenulum—the tissue that links the tongue to the floor of the mouth—is shorter or thicker than it should be, limiting the tongue’s range of motion.

This could impair a person’s ability to move their tongue from side to side, elevate it to the roof of the mouth, or execute other motions with it. Infants with tongue ties may have trouble latching on to the breast, which may make it challenging to get them to breastfeed properly. In other cases, the ability to chew solids and speak correctly can be hindered by a tongue tie. The tongue tie may sometimes not be an issue. Certain situations may just need a quick surgical fix.

Laser Lip Tie Release

Lip ties occur when the tissue that connects the top lip to the gums is either too thick or overly constricted. Many concerns, including nursing challenges, speech difficulties, and dental disorders, may result from this.

Talk to a dentist at Blue Coral Dentistry & Orthodontics about getting your child’s mouth examined if you have any reason to believe that he or she may have a lip tie.

Correcting Tongue and Lip Tie with a Frenectomy

A frenectomy is a surgical technique in which a frenulum, a tiny fold of tissue that connects two parts of the human body, is removed or reduced in size. In dentistry, frenectomy is often done to treat specific oral issues such as tongue- or lip-tie.

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Tongue Tie Frenectomy

A Blue Coral Dentist can examine your child’s tongue and frenulum to identify this condition. Treatment may involve a simple procedure to laser the frenulum (called a frenectomy), which can improve tongue movement and alleviate any associated issues.

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Lip Tie Frenectomy

To correct this condition, a Blue Coral Dentist will perform lip tie laser surgery, often referred to as a frenectomy, to cut away the extra tissue that connects the lip to the gums. The tissue is safely and precisely sliced by the laser, which also leaves no bleeding or tissue damage in its wake. The operation may be done on patients of any age, from newborns to young adults, and is often carried out at a Blue Coral dental office.

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